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It Matters to Me


When: Saturday 11th May - Sunday 14th July 2024

Where: Upper Walkway Gallery, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Bohemia Road, TN34 1ET

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm (Tuesday to Saturday),
11am - 4.30pm (Sundays)

FREE entry and parking

This exhibition showcases artworks from two school projects that encouraged creative expression while facilitating discussions about race, identity and global community issues.


Playing the Race Card conducted two art workshops at Hastings Academy in 2023. The first workshop, led by artist Mo El-Kadey, used anti-colonial Primitive Surrealism to unleash students' inner talents through multidisciplinary techniques and music. 

The second workshop, led by artist Sarah Buller, explored central themes of identity and joy through photography, encouraging students to develop their own visual style using collage.


Anti-Racism Posters

Following an incident outside St. Paul's Academy, the school organised an anti-racism poster competition. Judged by Kristina McDonald, school Site Assistant, alongside artist Becky Beasley and Claudine Eccleston, founder of Playing the Race Card, the winning entries are showcased in this exhibition. 

"When I drew my piece, I wanted to express how important it is to fight racism and ensure everyone is treated equally and not discriminated against." - Fred Grant

"We drew this together because we believe that people of different religions, races, and appearances can fit together like a puzzle." - Maud and Josephine

"I wanted to make it eye-catching so people will realise the severity of racism and its impacts." - Rayhanah Nakatude-Male

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